Thank You.

To everyone who supported our Baby for Becky fundraiser: We did it!  Our entire TWT team is overwhelmed with gratitude for each of you.  Thank you!

Here is a little message from Becky and her family:

“To each of you who helped our fundraiser succeed, thank you!  It wouldn’t have gone anywhere without you.  You made this miracle happen.

To our anonymous donors, thank you!  We are amazed by you.  And hope to be like you and able to give to someone else someday what you have given us today.

We don’t know how all of this will play out.  Years of infertility has taught me to try to rein in excitement (but who am I kidding…we are thrilled!! 🙂 ).  We believe in miracles.  So many have already happened.  We are grateful for this journey and immeasurably so for the cautious thrill of possibility that has entered our lives this past month.

After the fundraiser was successful and we realized this dream of ours might actually happen, we wondered how to approach it with Julia.  We wanted her to know, so she could understand some of the feelings going on in our home and feel grateful with us and be involved as well.  We also wanted to be cautious about getting her hopes too high and not give her more to handle than was necessary. 

One afternoon shortly after we met our fundraising goal, I walked into her room.  She was playing quietly in her dollhouse.  I knelt down beside her and we talked for a little while.  I explained, in six-year-old terms, the gist of the fundraiser and what we hoped it could mean for our family.  I could tell she got it when she smiled the brightest smile and exclaimed, “That is the BEST GIFT EVER!”

Justin and I agree. 🙂 

Thank you, to each of you, for your part in our best gift ever.  May God bless you and return your kindness and generosity to you infinitely.

From our hearts,
Justin, Becky, and Julia”

At this time, Becky and her family are moving forward with the next step for their family.  They are ecstatic!

We will be removing the donation tools and counters from our website–if you are still interested in supporting this ongoing cause, you are welcome to email us at

Again, thank you!  

We have had several inquiries about our Easter Story Eggs–yes, they are still available as a regular item on our website.  The fundraiser is over but the Easter Story Eggs are here to stay.

Stay tuned for an exciting roll out of some of our summertime traditions!  Coming soon…

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