Fate Cake Charms

Fate Cake Charms


Twelve silver charms each have a special significance for the person who draws them from a fate cake – a rose means love is in your future, a daisy means friendship, and so on.  Comes in a silver box with a decorative card that describes each charm and the meaning attached to it.

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Fate Cake Charms

Bake a cake and then position these charms in the frosting between the layers.  Each charm has a crystal bead on the other end of a silver ribbon.  Pull on one and see what fate has in store for you this year!  This fun tradition can be part of your New Year celebration, All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) festivities, a birthday party or any time friends and family gather for a party.  Check out our blog to find out how our fate cake charm tradition came to be and find detailed instructions on how to put the charms in the cake, as well as other tips and tricks.

Silver box size is 5.5×4 inches

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Weight .14 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 1 in


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