Christmas Stockings

A little stocking message from the Traditions team

When the kids were little, Mom lovingly made a special Christmas stocking for each member of the family from the same homemade pattern.  She used quilted fabric and gold rick rack and each stocking had the child’s name on the side and a jingle bell on the toe.  When each new member joined the family, either by birth or marriage, they have been welcomed in on their first Christmas by Mom (now Grandma) making each one their own stocking from the same homemade  pattern, same gold rick rack, same jingle bell on the toe.  As the children have grown and lived around the world for education and work, their Christmas stockings have gone with them, a little bit of home to remind them that wherever they are, they belong to a family that loves them.  It is a great sight when the family is able to gather at home and the stockings all hang together.  As time slips by, more and more often,  the stockings hang in smaller groups in grown children’s homes and that is a great sight too–the circle of life and the continuing of the generations-lovingly marked by homemade Christmas stockings.

To celebrate this tradition, we have found a heart warming book, “The Legend of the Christmas Stocking“.  The day that you gather your family to share this would be a great day to hang your Christmas stockings.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to reach out to someone in need as well. We chose not to offer an ornament to represent this story because we guessed that you already have traditions about Christmas stockings and many already have stockings they treasure like we do.  What are your traditions with Christmas stockings?  Please drop us a note and share.  We’d love to hear from you!

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