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  • Who We Are:

    We are a family, a team comprised of Mom and her girls.  We have decades of experience creating meaningful family traditions.  In our family growing up, every holiday had traditions, especially Christmas, and each tradition brought its own magic, joy, and memories.  One of our favorite traditions was curling up around the Christmas tree together to read beloved Christmas books.  These books had ornaments that Mom had found or made throughout the years that helped to illustrate the story.  As we read each book, we would take turns hanging the ornaments on the tree, beautiful emblems of the meanings behind the stories.  In 2013 Mom had the idea of sharing our book & ornament sets online.  Other traditions seemed to clamor to be shared as well and so the idea for our online store and blog were born.

    What We Do:

    We have collected beautiful, high-quality books, ornaments, and more for you to collect to add to your family’s repertoire of meaningful traditions for the entire year and for special events.  These traditions are simple to incorporate and can transform an ordinary holiday into something extraordinary, simply by adding an ounce of intention.  At our website we also maintain a blog, a tradition-sharing forum for you to join, an ongoing collection of favorite recipes, and a do-it-together corner, for free!  It’s our way of sharing the very best of our traditions, along with their magic and memories, with you!

    Why We Do It:

    We believe passionately in the importance of healthy families.  We believe that meaningful traditions, the kind that help our family focus on what’s important without adding busy work to our already packed schedules, help foster positive relationships and teach children values.  We also believe in having fun along the way and finding joy together!

    Happy Traditioning!

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