Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect Book


Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect Book


Long, long ago, in a land far away, lived a perfect little tree named Small Pine. Small Pine hoped to maintain its perfect form and be selected by the Queen as her Christmas tree. But as the warm-hearted little tree gave shelter to birds, rabbits, and deer in the forest, its branches became damaged. Fortunately, the Queen had a different idea of perfection…

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Even though his kind sacrifices for the animals of the forest have marred the perfection of his shape, Small Pine is selected to be the Christmas tree in the Queen’s castle, demonstrating that living for the sake of others makes us most beautiful in the eyes of God.
This magnificently illustrated story of a warm-hearted Christmas tree will surely become one of the most beloved classics of future generations. Schneider’s storytelling will enthrall children and adults alike.  This special 25th anniversary edition includes a dressed up cover with glitter and a sticker sheet that children can use to decorate a picture of a pine tree in the back of the book.

Hardcover book by Richard H. Schneider and illustrated by Elizabeth J. Miles

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